Wednesday, November 26, 2014

2 Shout-outs: Swanson and UMN research

Sodium is of huge concern to those with chronic kidney disease, and our food system is at a crisis when it comes to salt.  We can't really go out to eat anymore, as everything is over salted.  The only places we could even consider are local, organic restaurants.  Sodium is snuck in everywhere.  Not sure, go to your freezer and take out a pack of ground turkey, a roasting chicken, or pork chops.  Chances are they are injected with both sodium and potassium if you aren't buying organic.

This is why I literally jumped up-and-down this weekend when I saw Swanson Chicken Brother Unsalted.  Thank you for listening to my pleases!  Now, if you could just expand that to your organics and vegetable broths I will be set.  However, this is a big find for those of us that need to cook low-sodium, or even those that want to control their salt intake, but don't have time to make their own broth.  

I also need to do a shout-out to our own local Dr. Devin Peterson at the UMN, who does flavor research and is looking into sodium-alternatives in the Food Science and Nutrition Department.  There is a great 5:41 minute PBS video about this very issue. 

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