Thursday, October 30, 2014

Renal Diet: Support FDA in Nutrition Labeling Changes

As many of you know Charlie is in kidney failure, so that means we are fallowing a renal diet. Renal diets turn everything you know about healthy eating upside down.  No more whole grains, rather white bread, white rice, and pasta are your friends. You have to be super strict about your phosphorus, potassium, and sodium.  Everything has some amount of phosphorus and potassium.  We are really tired of conventional stores and where all the places potassium is hidden.  If you don't buy organic meat, go look at the wrapper.  I can almost promise that they inject that pork chop with potassium and sodium to make the shelf life longer, and more appealing in color.  Now we are member-owners of Valley Natural Foods, and buy most of our items there, as most items do not have added potassium.  Please join me in supporting the FDA in changing their nutrition labels to require manufactures to put in the amount of potassium.  This is not only important to those with kidney issues, but heart as well!

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