Thursday, April 17, 2014

Foodie artist: Sharing a meal

I am in love with Michael Strand's Bowls Around Town project.  He created beautiful ceramic bowls, and circulated them around the community of Portland with a journal and camera.  The public is encouraged to have family or friends over and enjoy and document a favorite dish.  Strand hopes to create a community cookbook based on these experiences. I love that local public libraries are partnering to get the bowls out into the community.  I would love the opportunity to partner with artists more in my position as outreach librarian at the U.  How are other librarians partnering with artists?

I also adore his Misfit Cup Liberation Project, where the public can exchange a long forgotten cup that sits on your shelf for a new handmade piece.  He collects the stories around them, and encourages the owners to enjoy conversation over coffee and tea with his new cup. This reminds me of my time in Japan and London, both of which consisted of many visits with friends, none of which were complete without conversation over a hot beverage.  I hope this brings back teatime to many families across the country.

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