Monday, February 24, 2014

Restaurant Overviews: Cam Rahn Bay, Sen Yai Sen Lek, and Pizzeria Lola

A few weeks ago my mom and I had lunch at Cam Ranh Bay in Burnsville.  Thanks mom for coming to my side of the world! What a great place for lunch- no frills, but good service and with a $6.95 lunch special you can't go wrong!  We had wonton soup, with a nice clear and fresh broth. Then spring rolls, which was so-so- mostly cabbage, so I would like to try something else from their appetizers.  We both had the rice noodle bowl with either pork or beef.  Lots of fresh cabbage and bean sprouts, and delicious sauce to accompany it.  Top it off with a sweet roll and you have a great lunch.

 After a week or two of trying to schedule dinner Christine R and I were able to get-together to catch-up on life and of course for me to get my Lia Sophia bobbles that I ordered.  I love my navy and green bracelet- best thing from that order! Since Christine also loves Thai, we decided to give Sen Yai Sen Lek a try.  It was quite delicious!

A great Tom Yum cup of soup, with a slightly sour taste that I love from the lime leaves.

 Their fresh thai spring rolls are unlike any other that I have tried. I must say that they are my new favorite!  The marinated tofu, sausage, bean sprouts, onion, and omelet strip make for a unique balance of textures and flavors.

 My favorite Thai dish is Pad Woon Sen, so I had to try it here. I will honestly say it was only okay.  I asked for it as a medium, and it really had no spice at all.  They needed to bump up the spices, but the crispy vegetables were delicious.
I also finally tried Pizzeria Lola's Korean BBQ Pizza as takeout. It was delicious; I love the soy chili drizzle.  I actually meant to order the Lady Zaza, so I will have to go back. 

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