Friday, June 1, 2012

Marmalade and Bandaids

Every spring we visit the Mastel home in Phoenix.  Springtime to me is the smell of orange blossoms and a wake-up call by mourning doves.  My in-laws have three orange trees, two lemon trees and a grapefruit tree.  We never can eat all the fruit, and since this year we did a road trip, I did my best to not let any go to waste.  We brought two large boxes home.. What to do with all this fruit?  Start jamming! 

 Want a jar of my Creamsicle Jelly? Post a comment or subscribe to this blog and be entered to win a jar.  I will draw a random name on June 10, 2012. 

Here are the three recipes I used to make 30+ jars of delicious marmalade, jam, and curd:

Kumquats soaking overnight in preparation for canning. 

Endless peeling of rind for marmalade.  I need a new peeler!  I also spent hours chopping and cutting supremes.  To which, my pointer finger was a casualty, as I cut myself.  Not fun, when you are dealing with acidic citrus all day!  Bandaids stat!

Orange cardamom curd success!  I used the curd in a summer fruit tart for my mother-in-law's birthday last weekend! 
Citrus marmalade waiting to be labeled. 

So what did I do with all these?  I gave them as Mother's Day gifts, along with homemade bread! 


  1. I would like to win a jar of creamsicle jelly. Yum!

  2. I would trade a jar of the creamsicle for a jar of Jack's passionfruit jelly!

  3. Put me down for an entry...these look fantastic!! :) Creamsicle is one of my childhood favorite flavors.

  4. Sign me up too! Creamsicle jelly sounds wonderful. And hey there.... :-)

  5. Congratulations Cathy and Kelly! You each won a jar of my creamsicle jelly. I will drop you a line to get your addresses!