Monday, May 28, 2012

My Favorite Twin Cities Chocolates

When you think of great chocolate, you probably think of Swiss chocolate, or maybe Ghirardelli from San Fransisco.  Don't get me wrong, SF knows their chocolate!  The Ghirardelli Square hot fudge sundae is to die for, along with amazing variety of truffles from XOX Truffles.  These are two of the reasons I can't wait for my copy of the premier issue of Sated Magazine to arrive, on the topic of chocolate! 
green angel mint, salty dog candy bar

However, the Twin Cities has some fabulous places for a chocoholic, such as myself.  Here are a few of my favorites:
Abdallah Candies, Green Angel Mint: I remember my mom introducing this to me when I was younger as a special treat or a surprise.  Fortunately, the factory is just 5 miles away from my house, so I can run down when I have a craving for the melt-in-your-mouth candy bar, to see if they have any seconds that are just as tasty but cheaper.

My family is a huge peppermint and chocolate fan.  Our freezer was always had a Kemps Peppermint BonBon gallon bucket growing up.  So, much that I craved anything else.  Now my favorite is vanilla, as you can add anything to jazz it up.

During the latest USAIN Conference in Minneapolis we gave speakers a thank you treat of B.T. McElrath Salty Dog Chocolate Bars.   OMG, these are my latest addiction!  Salty, sweet, crunchy all in one. 

The best truffles in town, without a doubt for me, are from Chocolat CelesteReserved for special occasions, since they cost $4+ each, but are some of the largest truffles you will find. Patrick's Cafe is a close second. 

Sure you can get a special mini cake at Byerlys, but why when there is Truffles and Tortes tucked away in a little strip mall in Plymouth.  I love all of their items, but my favorite is the Chocolate Chili Torte.  If you aren't a fan of heat, then skip this as they mix cayenne and other chilies into the batter and crust. 

For a towering cake, look no further than the St. Paul Grill's Chocolate Lust Cake.  I think it had 8 layers, big enough to serve four, but I finished mine off between dinner and breakfast :) complete with a little glass of milk. 

Please list your favorite chocolate desserts in the comments, so I can try other local favorites!  In the photo above is the chocolate bar from our trip to Joel Robuchon's restaurant in Vegas.  More on that once-in-a-lifetime experience and the edible gold candy bar later. 


  1. Lucia's restaurant also makes a killer chocolate cake.

  2. Kowalski's has a brownie with caramel and sea salt that is a favorite at my office.

  3. Good list!

    I'm totally addicted to Abdallah's sea salt caramels. In part because I can get them at the bookstore at work, but also because they're the perfect size to get just a bite of something sweet.

    And I adore everything I've tried from BT McElrath. When I worked downtown, I once got a couple of BT McElrath chocolates, and brought them back to my cubicle to enjoy. About an hour later, I looked down and realized I somehow had chocolate all over the front of my shirt, as if I'd been rubbing myself in ecstasy while eating the chocolate. Which I may have been doing.